7 Levels of Delegation

TELL The leader decides, and there’s no discussion.
SELL The leader decides and seeks to convince the other person.
CONSULT The leader seeks the other’s input and then decides.
AGREE The leader and the other person decide together.
ADVISE The leader suggests, and the other person decides.
INQUIRE The other person decides and then informs the leader.
DELEGATE The other person decides, and there’s no need for discussion.

This quote is actually Ed Batista’s summary of (Apello n.d.)

Apello, Jurgen. n.d. “The 7 Levels of Delegation: Empowerment with Boundaries and Clarity.” Medium (blog). Accessed 2021. https://medium.com/@jurgenappelo/the-7-levels-of-delegation-672ec2a48103.

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